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English Roundtable

Dear English Colleagues

The Seminar für Waldorfpädagogik Berlin herewith cordially invites representatives of English departments from Steiner/ Waldorf schools in Berlin-Brandenburg to a roundtable on Wednesday 28.9.2022 from 08:30 – 14:00.

We would like to initiate a regular English Teachers Roundtable for the schools in our region.

This would allow us to engage in a dialogue with our partner schools, in order to create opportunities for more professional development for current, new and established English teachers and strengthen the seminar’s offering as regional training center and professional development hub.

It is envisioned that the roundtable in a regular annual or half-yearly rhythm, could allow for the development of new kinds of teaching support resources, through a strengthening of the networking potential inherent in the high concentration of Steiner/ Waldorf schools in our region.

At the first English Teachers Roundtable, the Seminar für Waldorfpädagogik Berlin would like to present our English Teacher Training Program to the colleagues and initiate a conversation about what kind of language teaching we are expecting students to be prepared for.

We look forward to having at least one representative from each of the English departments in our schools participate in this roundtable. Registration for each departmental representative’s participation can be done via our website:

Anmeldung hier bis 27.09.2022

There are no participation fees.

With anticipation.

Dirk Hoffman